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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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hundred there. Lord Lincoln, out of prudence, danced with Lady Caroline Fitzroy, and Mr. Conway with Lady Sophia16; the two couple were just mismatched, as everybody soon perceived, by the attentions of each man to the woman he did not dance with, and the emulation of either lady: it was an admirable scene. The ball broke up at three; but Lincoln, Lord Holderness, Lord Robert Sutton10, young Churchill, and a dozen more, grew jolly, stayed till seven in the morning, and drank thirty-two bottles. . . .1?
I will take great care to send the knee-buckles and pocket-book ; I have got them, and Madame Pucci's silks, and only wait to hear that Tuscany is quiet, and then I will convey them by the first ship. I would write to them to-night, but have not time now; old Gibber plays to-night, and all the world will be there.
Here is another letter from Amorevoli, who is out of his wits at not hearing from his wife.
Adieu! my dearest child. How happy shall I be when I know you are in peace.
Yours ever.
Somerset House, (for I write to you wherever I find myself,) Dec. 10, 1741.
I HAVE got no letter from you yet, the post should have brought it yesterday. The Gazette says, that the Cardinall has declared that they will suffer no expedition against Tuscany. I wish he had told me so ! if they preserve this guarantee, personally, I can forgive their breaking the rest. But I long for your letter; every letter now from each of us
15  Lady Sophia Fermor.                    ton^Lord Lexington ; d. 1762.
16  Second son of third Duke of        17 So in MS.'
Eutland; he took the name of Sutton        LETTER   56.—*  Cardinal  ITJeurj
on succeeding to the estate of his     first minister of France.    Waly'ole. maternal grandfather, Eobert Snfr-